Sunsweet Berry Blend

Blueberries; cherries; cranberries; raspberries. Northern orchards. Sweet & tart. Whole fruit naturally. Fiber and antioxidants. Mouthwatering blueberries, tangy cherries, lively cranberries or delicately sweet raspberries - we won't make you choose, we've got you covered! Perfectly ripened in the cool, lush valleys of the northern states - this amazing fruit combo is full of berry goodness you can't help but love. Throw them in a salad, make your own trail mix, add them to a sweet treat or snack on them on the go, this blend is the ultimate multitasker! To find out more great ways to enjoy Sunsweet Berry Blend visit Diabetic Exchange: 2 fruit. Dried fruits have fiber along with carbohydrates and can be a good choice in your diabetic meal plan. Product of USA & Canada.