Bluewater Farms Cranberries 12 Oz

Pre-washed & ready to eat. IPM Grown: Integrated Pest Management. Farm fresh. All natural. No additives or preservatives. Antioxidants. Good source of vitamin C. We are passionate about our farms and the environment! Health Benefits of Cranberries: The health-promoting properties of cranberries have been utilized in remedies that have existed for centuries. The benefits of the fruit were recognized by Native American Indians, and early New England sailors are said to have eaten the vitamin C-rich wild cranberries to prevent scurvy. Recent studies confirm that cranberries and cranberry products are beneficial to health. Cranberries are considered a healthy fruit. They contain no cholesterol and virtually no fat and are low in sodium. Cranberries also deliver dietary fiber and are a good source of vitamin C. Other naturally occurring compounds in cranberries are also beneficial to health. Flavonoids and phytonutrients in cranberries are antioxidants and are consumed for their health benefits for the whole of your body including your mouth and GI tract. The majority of studies have focused on the cranberry's role in urinary tract health, but the benefits extend beyond the urinary tract. The berry's activities in the body are extensive and eating this fruit is just plain good for you in a variety of ways. Cranberries can help with cardiovascular health and are a food that does not contribute cholesterol or fat to the diet. Adding cranberries to your healthy diet will provide a powerful nutritional boost. (Source: CCCGA and The Cranberry Institute). Grown in Massachusetts. Product of USA.