Crunchmaster 7 Ancient Grains Crackers, Cracked Pepper & Herb

Brown rice, sorghum, quinoa, sesame, millet, flax and amaranth. Gluten free. Oven baked. Low sodium. 23 g whole grain per serving. Why 7 Ancient Grains? The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World were truly remarkable. We hope you find the 7 ancient grains that we combined into this cracker remarkably tasty. The whole grains in this cracker have been a basis for a healthy lifestyle since ancient times. It is believed that rice was first cultivated over 6,500 years ago. Sorghum and millet have been important staples in the semi-arid tropics of Asia and Africa for centuries. Quinoa and amaranth, originated from South America, are known as complete proteins, which means that they contain all of the 8 essential amino acids our bodies can't make on their own. Flax, believed to originate from ancient Egypt, is a source of omega 3. Among edible oil plants, sesame contains one of the highest levels of antioxidants. Lots of good stuff in one tasty cracker! Enjoy! Try Ancient Grains crackers with these delicious toppings! Seafood: Great with caviar. Veggies: Garnish with a zesty salsa. Cheese: Top with aged cheddar and fruit. Spreads: Perfect with soft cheese. Whole Grain: 23 g or more per serving. Eat 48 g or more of whole grains daily. Certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO). Made in the USA.