Liz Lovely Cookies, Gluten Free, Ginger Molasses

100% natural. Dairy free & egg free. Certified vegan. Baking a difference. Zero trans fat & cholesterol. After the 2K dotcom crash, my high school sweetheart Dan and I were out of work, in debt, with cash running out fast. Meanwhile (and much to Dan’s chagrin) I filled the freezer with vegan goodies for friends and family. The outcry with unanimous, When can we place an order? So, we started over in the Green Mountains of Vermont baking decadent cookies using artisan techniques and only the best ingredients. Then our fans cried, We want Gluten Free! How could we say no? We like to call it Baking a Difference. - Liz Lovely. Handmade by Liz Lovely, Inc. Free cookies. Join the Liz Lovely Fan Club for giveaways, discounts & exclusive offers - Lab Tested: Test random batches for your safety! Recent results online,