Bella Savory Soups Dog Food, Chicken, Wet, Adult

Create a delightfully different mealtime experience for your small dog with Purina Bella Savory Soups With Chicken and a Blend of Sweet Potatoes & Tomatoes in a Classic Stock wet dog food complement. Real, recognizable ingredients, including chicken, make this recipe one you and your dog can truly appreciate. The small, tender bites are easy for her to manage, giving her perfectly sized morsels to please her palate. Intended as a complement to her complete and balanced diet, this recipe is made without by-products or fillers, so you know she's getting only high-quality ingredients in her dish. Watch as she eats up every drop of the savory stock that makes this recipe so irresistible, and rest easy knowing your beloved canine is getting a grain-free formula. Serve this Purina Bella Savory Soups dog food complement as a stand-alone snack, or combine it with her favorite dry food for a delicious taste and texture combination that's sure to get her tail wagging.