Always Pads, Flexi Wings, Regular, Light, Clean Scent, Size 1 15 Ea

Try Radiant FlexFoam for a pad that gives you style, protection, AND comfort! With Always Radiant FlexFoam period pads, 100% leak and odor free protection is possible so you can wear what you want and do what you want any day of the month! Even on heavy days, FlexFoam pads absorb 10x their weight. Always Radiant is made with FlexFoam for a thin and flexible pad that doesn't skip out on protection. Feel radiant with the “neon vibes” package and wrapper designs, because pads don’t have to be boring. Always FlexFoam pads are dermatologically tested, and approved as skin friendly by the Skin Health Alliance. Always products are FSA/HSA Eligible. Always Radiant FlexFoam offers you protection that works, because Always Radiant is made with FlexFoam, for a thin and flexible pad that moves with you for zero feel protection with FlexFoam. In addition, Always Radiant FlexFoam is inspired by the latest trends, featuring designs and patterns with warm tropical prints. Always Radiant FlexFoam pads are lightly scented. For daytime protection, check out Always Radiant pads in Sizes 1-3, while Sizes 4-5 have a larger back* which means you’ll be better protected at night. * vs. Always Radiant regular flow.