Everyone 3 In 1 Cedar + Citrus Soap 32 Fl Oz

For everybody. Nourishing + multitasking. Real good stuff inside! We say nope to fake fragrances, dyes and fillers. And yep to quality ingredients and plant extracts that are vegan and cruelty free. Why? Because we believe in making good products that everyone can enjoy. For us, that's botanical body care that's better for you and for the planet. Smells like real cedar and citrus (because it is!). No parabens, dyes, phthalates. No synthetic fragrance. No sketchy fillers. No harsh chemicals. No worries! Yep! Hypoallergenic + dermatologist tested. Plant extracts + pure essential oils. Family-owned. Made with love!. Lather on the love with our gentle and multitasking body wash, bubble bath and shampoo. Everyone is welcome. EO products. No animal testing. Cruelty free. 100% recycled bottle. Please recycle. Certified B Corporation.