French Market Coffee And Chicory 16 Oz

New Orleans famous. Unexcelled since 1890. All the flavor of New Orleans, in a cup. French Market's exclusive blend was established over 100 years ago by master coffee tasters. Exotic Coffee beans are dark roasted and blended with the finest imported French chicory to produce an extraordinary coffee. Chicory, the distinctive difference! The cultivated chicory plant has a history stretching back to ancient Egypt. Medieval monks raised the plants and when coffee was introduced into Europe in the 1600's, the enterprising Dutch discovered that the addition of chicory made a coffee superior in color, flavor and body. Today, coffee with chicory is common throughout Europe, producing a stronger, darker, less bitter brew with less caffeine than pure coffee. In New Orleans, an old world city distinguished by its exceptional cuisine, French Market Coffee and Chicory is served in premier restaurants and the finest homes. Taste the coffee with a history - French Market Coffee & Chicory. Vacuumed packed.