Kontos Roghani Nan, Traditional

Hand-stretched for fluffiness. No cholesterol. No trans fat. 100% vegetarian. Many symbols and traditions of the ancient cultures of the Middle East and Southern Asia have been passed down through the centuries. They are as essential to life today as they were then. Nan, the traditional bread of this region, has long been celebrated as a symbol of life - and a perfect food for the body. The mandala, an ancient circular art form found in these cultures, symbolizes spiritual wholeness - food for the soul! Kontos bakes each of our different nans with the distinct tradition of its culture in mind. Like the traditional shape, flavor and texture of our Roghani Nan, the mandala above pays tribute to the ancient culture of the region that is now Pakistan. Quality Guaranteed: For more than 60 years Kontos has produced premium products using the finest ingredients in a time-honored tradition. The Kontos name will always be your guarantee of quality, flavor, and convenience. Find us on Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest. Kontos Foods. www.kontos.com. Product of the USA.