Vitaminwater Vitamin Water 20 Oz

Nutrient enhanced water beverage. Strawberry-guanabana flavored + other natural flavors. Naturally sweetened. Excellent source of C and B Vitamins: 100% vitamin C; 100% vitamins B5, B6, B12; vitamins E & A, biotin, zinc; electrolytes. 0 calories per bottle. Glow (biotin and vitamins E & A). Grocery stores double as meet markets. There are strangers mingling at the (salad) bar and wandering eyes checking out hot buns (bread!). Whether you're shopping for food or fresh meat, add this bottle to your basket. It's got vitamins A, C and E to help support & maintain healthy skin. And to (naturally) sweeten the deal, it's zero calories. Oh look, a cart cruising your way - looks like someone wants a sample. We love vitamin angels. Find out how we're helping them at Zero calories per serving. Truvia.