Tazo Herbal Infusions, Black & Green Teas, Assorted

Awake, Calm, China Green Tips, Earl Grey, Chai, Passion, Decaf Chai, Wild Sweet Orange, Lotus & Zen. All natural. Tazo happens when one combines amazingly flavorful teas with a fertile imagination and some other good things from nature. A variety of interesting and imaginative black teas, green teas & herbal infusions. To ask questions, share observations or simply have a bit of human contact, visit us at Tazo.com. In some places, Tazo is more highly valued than magic pebbles. The Way of Tazo: Only the finest leaves were used in this tea. Those that didn't make the cut were composted and wished better luck next time as they returned to earth. To see more ways Tazo practices good karma, visit tazo.com/csr. What if Tazo? Yes, it is merely a wonderfully delicious beverage, one made with the most extraordinary teas and herbs to be found on this planet and blended with verve and imagination. But if, as you drink it, you divine some deeper meaning in the many ways it delights your senses, well-that answer is entirely acceptable as well. Did you know? Modern tea scholars believe the word Tazo may have been used as a toast by the ancient Greeks. This carton was made from at least 55% post-consumer recycled materials.