Owlvericks Cold Brew Maple Coffee 12 Oz

Vegan and Non-GMO. Non-GMO. Lightly sweetened with pure organic maple syrup. All natural - no preservatives, no artificial flavors. Lightly sweetened. Roastin' since 1969. Sweetened with maple syrup. The origin of Sir Owlverick's began three generations ago in Vietnam during the French colonization when Grandpa Tang first learned to roast coffee. In the late 80's, Papa Tang brought the family craft to the United States. Decades later, Granddaughter Tang founded Sir Owlverick's and set out to create the smoothest and most refreshing coffee beverages. Containing a hint of maple syrup, a sprinkle of sea salt and the Tang's proprietary roasted coffee, Sir Owlverick's Maple Cold Brew is the culmination of generational efforts in the perfect coffee drink. Enjoy! owlvericks.com. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. (at)owlvericks. Please recycle.