Peace Coffee Coffee, Organic, Ground, Medium, Birchwood Breakfast Blend

Smooth, sweet, and slightly smoky. Pair with breakfast in bed, a Sunday paper, & someone special. Roast Level: Medium. Acidity: Mild. Body: Smooth. Aroma: Roasted hazelnut, graham, vanilla. Flavor Notes: Bittersweet chocolate, honey, cedar. USDA Organic. Certified Organic by QAI. 100% fair trade. Active Ingredients: Fair Trade: Exceptional beans purchased direct from small-scale growers. Trade that sustains farmers' livelihoods and communities. Shade-Grown: Coffee that ripens slow and sweet under a forest canopy. Shade trees replenish the soil and provide habitat for birds and animals. Organic: Farmers cultivate chemical-free coffee, nurturing healthy eco-systems and a better planet for all of us. Origin. Sealed fresh. Who grew these beans? Shade grown. Fresh roasted. Established 1996. A delicious cup of coffee is neither a fortuitous accident nor is it rocket science. Knowing the science, stories, and people behind the beans makes us all better roasters, baristas, and coffee drinkers. Learn more (including brewing tips) at Peace Coffee is a subsidiary of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy: Contact Us: 1.888.324.7872.