Mason Dixie Biscuit Co. Biscuits 17 Oz

No trans fat. Made with sweet potatoes. Voted best biscuit in America. Taste like home. 9 simple ingredients. Flaky & buttery. Chef created. Restaurant tested. We started Mason Dixie because we missed the way mama cooked. After testing dozens of recipes, we found the perfect combination of simple ingredients to whip up the best darn biscuits in the country. These biscuits became the recipe served to thousands of fans in our Washington DC restaurant and took home the 2015 international biscuit festival critics choice award. Bring your family back to the dining table with the biscuits that bring hungry folks flocking to our restaurant. Made in our home. Baked in yours. Nothing beats the smell of buttery biscuits baking in the oven - except for our sweet potato biscuits. The sweet, nutty aroma of sweet potato and a hint of cinnamon bring out the buttery goodness of our chef's favorite biscuit. Make Your Kitchen Smell Like the Best Part of Fall in Just Two Easy Steps: Remove from the packaging and bake until golden brown. That homemade taste and texture comes not only from what's in our biscuits, but what's not. No: artificial anything, preservatives, hydrogenated oils, bleached flour. For menu inspiration from our well-loved restaurant, visit Try All of Mason Dixie's Mouth-watering Flavors: buttermilk, cheddar, sweet corn, sweet potato. Made in the USA.