Bake Shop Cakes for Any Occasion
The Bake Shop offers the finest and freshest cakes for any occasion. Whether it be a birthday, graduation, shower, or wedding, the Bake Shop will make you a cake to remember! Our cakes come in a variety of flavors, toppings, and fillings. And if the personal touch is what you are looking for, our Cake Decorators can help you choose from a variety of existing themes and images for your cake. We also can scan your favorite photo right onto the front of the cake for a really personalized dessert.

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Specialty Cakes & Pies
We offer a full line of traditional and gourmet cakes and pies for any occasion. Pies, from apple, blueberry and pumpkin, to Boston Crème and Lemon Meringue are among the many available. Specialty Cakes such as Carrot, Tortes and Fruit Rolls are only a few of the ever-growing list of gourmet items we offer. Please consult a Bake Shop Representative for ideas and availability.

Sweet Platters
The Bake Shop is pleased to offer dessert and cookie platters to please just about anyone’s sweet tooth. Whether it is an Italian cookie tray or a traditional cookie assortment, the Bake Shop Platters will tempt your taste buds with their outstanding flavor. Everything the Bake Shop has to offer, from doughnuts and pastries, to muffins and danish, can be made into a platter that you will love!

Connie can create a cake for any occasion big or small. We offer a full variety of custom cakes from round to full sheet and we can put almost any design on your cake including Decopak scenes and characters. Advanced notice kindly required.